Applied Ocean Systems was founded in 2009 to develop state of the art broadband subsea communication technologies for applications currently relying upon difficult to manage tethered systems. These technologies are focused on enabling high speed underwater communications for demanding applications in several key industries such as Offshore Oil & Gas, Defense, and Oceanographic Exploration. Applied Ocean's technological vision is based on enabling safer offshore operations and developing tools necessary to enhance ocean exploration and preservation.

Applied Ocean specializes in wireless underwater communications R&D, communication and underwater noise surveys and analysis, prototype development for challenging environments, and engineering design services. Applied Ocean has offshore experience as well as SafeGulf and offshore survival training (McMillan).

Please check back soon for Applied Ocean's latest high speed acoustic modem technology developments.

Daniel Sura - Founder

Daniel Sura is the sole founder of Applied Ocean Systems and a graduate of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) with a Bachelor and Master's of Science degree in Mechanical/Ocean Engineering. His deep passion for exploration and frustration with beauracracy getting in the way of technical progress has led him to develop a non-conventional approach to rapidly developing game changing technology.

Prior to his involvement with Applied Ocean, Daniel has served as an operations manager, project manager, design consultant, and mechanical engineer in various industries including Academia, Defense, and Offshore Oil & Gas. His past and current work has been included in journal publications, international conferences, and patent applications/awards. He has an admiration for the ocean that runs deep, dating back to open ocean diving and exploration with his father during his early youth. In his free time Daniel surfs and travels the entire globe in search of world class surf venues and experiencing fascinating cultures.

Employment Opportunities

Applied Ocean Systems employs talented engineering and technology support staff. The following positions are currently available (please contact Applied Ocean for more information):

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