Applied Ocean Business Areas

Applied Ocean offers product and service capabilities that extend into various marine related industries including Academia, Defense, Hydrographic Surveys, Marine Environmental, Science & Oceanography, and Offshore Oil & Gas. More details can be found below for each key industry and related technology AppliedOcean offers or is developing. Please contact Applied Ocean for more information if you have interest in an application not listed below.

Offshore Oil & Gas

The offshore Oil & Gas industry continues to play a critical role in providing solutions to our world's high energy demands. Applied Ocean offers products and services that are targeted towards enhancing and innovating technologies used in subsea oilfield operations. Some of these include:


The Defense industry is one of Applied Ocean's primary targets for high rate underwater communication systems. Some relevant applications include:

Hydrographic Surveys

It is very common for hydrographic surveys to be performed using AUV (autonomous underwater vehicle) technology. One key limitation with most AUV platforms is that they cannot stream live sensor data back requiring the vehicle to come back up to the surface and for post processing of the data. This creates higher mission cost and wasted time.

Applied Ocean's technology can be used to compress high resolution data and to stream live back to the surface so that near real-time data collection and processing can be performed by the operator. This will improve the overall efficiency of the operation and increase the mission success rates.

Marine Environmental

There are several products and services Applied Ocean can provide for the Marine Environmental community. Some common applications include:

Science & Oceanography

Science & Oceanography is an industry that will continue to play an enormous role in shaping our future and how we react to the Ocean and climate changes as time moves on.

An array of products and services are currently offered by Applied Ocean that can enable scientists and research institutions to continue developing critical technologies and models. Some of these include:


Applied Ocean can offer acoustic survey and analysis and engineering services to academia, as well as products vital to subsea communications research and environmental monitoring. Acoustic modem technologies, underwater communication stations, and background noise recorders, are products that Applied Ocean can customize for academic studies.



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