Broadband Subsea Acoustic Recorders

Applied Ocean is currently offering the Poseidon series broadband underwater acoustic recorders for shallow and deepwater deployments. Recording underwater noise has never been easier.

These instruments are field proven and are fully automated with an easy to use graphical user interface for configuring to suit your mission needs. The operator has the choices of sampling durations, and preset delays allowing for several configurations to suit longer run times or more frequent sampling. Connection to the instrument with a laptop or PC is simple using a provided network cable, and recharging is just as easy.

The Poisedon series acoustic recorders can be customized in both hardware and software to meet your particular application requirements. For easier useage, we offer a deployment frame that can be operated using a winch, or ROV (remotely operated vehicle) platform. Poseidon background recorders are designed for capturing acoustical energy, but can be customized for use with several other technologies such as RF and optical hardware.

Technical specifications for the Poseidon-DW are shown below. Please contact Applied Ocean for more technical information:


Recommended Recording Range 1 to 150 [kHz]
Run Time 9.5 hours (max), 6-8 hours typical depending on configuration
Configuration Software AOS QuickConfig
Configurable Parameters Timed pre-delay, system time, intersample delay, recording durations
Data Processing Software User obtained or customized software for Power spectral density, time, frequency, and noise power level quantization
File Storage Space 120 GB+
Recording Space Depends on configuration, up to 10 days+
Network Connection Ethernet Cat5E
Charging External AC charger
Sensor Broadband deepwater rated omni-directional hydrophone
Minimum Recordable Level 67 dB [re 1uPa] @ 1m distance
Maximum Recordable Level 165 dB [re 1uPa] @ 1m distance
Length 15 in.
Diameter 8 in.
Weight in Air 44.1 lbs (not including deployment frame)
Weight in Seawater 16.2 lbs (not including deployment frame)
Operating Depth 3000m
Deployment Frame SDFA-PDW (aluminum seafloor deployment frame)


Typical Applications

* Please note that all broadband recorders are offered on a build to order basis. A design can be customized for your particular application. Contact Applied Ocean for a quote and lead time.


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