SAM1 Wireless Subsea Acoustic Modem




SAM1 Series Technology Overview:

Imagine a high speed wireless underwater communications system capable of producing high data transfer rates regardless of the types of harsh conditions present in the operating environment.

Applied Ocean Systems is currently working on a stand-alone acoustic modem based on AppliedOcean's CommModem core technology, capable of extremely high bit rate operation in harsh environments. Extensive testing has already demonstrated high bitrates in harsh underwater environments where other acoustic modems have been known to fail. A big factor for achieving this high of performance is the proprietary hybrid communication algorithms that serve as the backbone of the CommModem design. The idea was inspired by a terrestrial mechanical system which is subject to similar distortions governed by the same mathematics. The idea was converted into a signal processing scheme and the result is a communication design specifically tailored for high speed operation in very harsh environments far more challenging than the simple deepwater vertical channel. The design has been tested extensively in the field with great success.

A list of possible applications for this technology are shown below:

Please contact Applied Ocean for more information regarding an application that requires this technology or for partnering opportunities.


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