See-Horse Wireless Underwater Digital Video Transmission System


See-Horse Series Technology Overview:

One of the most demanding communication applications for subsea operations is real-time underwater wireless video transmission at short and long ranges. The communication scheme hardware and software to accomplish video transmission with decent quality is very sophisticated. Applied Ocean is currently working on underwater wireless video transmission systems to wirelessly stream real-time camera images at short and long ranges.

The cost savings of such a system would be enormous as operators using AUVs (autonomous underwater vehicles) could have increased real-time video feedback and confidence in using AUVs in environments where traditionally expensive to run tethered ROV (remotely operated vehicles) systems are operated.

There also several underwater defense applications such as port security and hull inspections where wireless video transmission capabilities could be employed in small UUV (unmanned undersea vehicle) systems.

Please contact Applied Ocean for more information regarding an application that requires this technology or for parterning opportunities.


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