Subsea Wireless Communication Stations

Applied Ocean's Triton series wireless communication stations are fully equipped with state of the art hardware and software configurations for a wide range of subsea communication applications in shallow and deepwater environments. These devices can be fully configured to suit your particular mission needs with an easy to use graphical user interface for easy operation. Applied Ocean's integrated CommModem technology allows reliable operation in harsh environments where other underwater acoustic modem have high failure rates.

Each station has transmit and receive capabilities allowing you to perform operations such as live data streaming from sensors, troubleshooting underwater communication problems at a particular work site, communication test studies and surveys. Connection to the instrument with a laptop or PC is simple using a provided network cable, and recharging is just as easy.

The Triton series stations can be customized in both hardware and software to meet your particular application requirements. For easier deployment using a winch, or ROV (remotely operated vehicle) platform a supporting aluminum frame carries the Triton instruments.

Technical specifications for the Triton-DW are shown below. Please contact Applied Ocean for more technical information:


Recommended Recording Range 10 to 130 [kHz]
Run Time 9.5 hours (max), 4-6 hours typical depending on configuration or if external power is supplied instead of internal battery
Configuration Software AOS QuickConfig
Configurable Parameters Intersample delays, recording and transmission durations, data stream options
Data Processing Software User obtained or customized software for performing communication studies or real-time data streaming
File Storage Space 120 GB+
Recording Space Depends on configuration, up to 10 days+
Network Connection Ethernet Cat5E
Charging External AC charger
Receiving Sensor Broadband deepwater rated omni-directional hydrophone
Transmitting Sensor Broadband deepwater rated omni-directional projector
Minimum Receiving Level 67 dB [re 1uPa] @ 1m distance
Maximum Receiving Level 165 dB [re 1uPa] @ 1m distance
Maximum Transmission Level 188 dB [re 1uPa] @ 1m distance from projector
Maximum Data Rates 1 to 100+ kbps depending on environment and configuration
Operating Distance 1km+ between stations depending on configuration
Length 18 in.
Diameter 8 in.
Weight in Air 48.1 lbs (not including deployment frame)
Weight in Seawater 20.2 lbs (not including deployment frame)
Operating Depth 3000m
Deployment Frame SDFA-TRI (aluminum seafloor deployment frame)

Typical Applications

* Please note that all communication stations are offered on a build to order basis. A design can be customized for your particular application. Contact Applied Ocean for a quote and lead time.


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